The In’s and Out’s of Men’s Belts An essential part of a man’s wardrobe is the belt. Many men will feel like they are not completely dressed up not unless they are wearing a belt. The belt should not be considered as just a piece of cloth or leather that is used to secure a man’s pant. A man can also use his belt as an accessory. While women are wild about their shoes and purses men are wild about their belts. It is very important for a man to choose the right belt. When a man want to consider the choosing the right belt they should focus on the size. It has always been a myth that a man should choose a belt that is the same size as his waste. Most men who deal with men’s accessories will tell you most men buy belts that are large or even larger than their waists. You can take an example where if the size of a man’s waist is 34 they can buy a belt which is size 36 or 38. Belts that are so big will look very bulky when they are tucked into the loops of a man’s pants. You can purchase a large belt but it should never go beyond the second loop of your pants. Long enough belts are the best for men for they fit them properly. When you buckle your belt on the first hole it will look so small and when you buckle it on the last hole it will look so big, the best place to buckle your belt is at the middle hole for it will look fitting. Another consideration a man should look at carefully is the width. For a casual or an office where the width of the belt should be at least two inches wide or wider. For a formal occasion wear the type of belt that will work best is the one that is one or one and a half inches wide. It is good to consider the loops of your pant when choosing the width of your belt. The best belt you can get is the one that does not look lost or one that does not touch the loops of your pants. Another important thing a man should consider while choosing a belt is the price of the belt. While choosing a belt it is important for a man to consider his budget. Your expensive belt will look ordinary when it is put on with cheap clothes. Your expensive jeans will look cheap once it is put on with a cheap belt. Style is another feature that a man should look for while choosing a belt. A brown or black belt will be ideal for everyday wear and for an event a printed belt will do.What Almost No One Knows About Clothing

What Almost No One Knows About Clothing