Buying Men’s Belts – What You Should Look For Men, unlike women, have very limited choices when it comes to fashion accessories. The belt is the most commonly used men’s clothing accessory and there are various styles of belts to choose from. It can be difficult to choose a belt or even narrow down the options from the type of material to modern ones such comfort click belts. These are the things that you should consider when choosing a belt for yourself as well as for others. Check the size Most men’s belts can be bought according to the size of the waist but sometimes they are available in sizes small, medium or large. To avoid confusion, belts sold in small, medium or large varieties have indicators on the corresponding waist sizes like 30-32 inches for small, 34-36 inches for medium and 38-40 inches for large. It is important to be sure of the waist size of an individual if you are giving the belt as a gift. Remember that you should choose a belt a little bigger than the waist size. If you are giving a belt to someone with a small waist or measuring about 30-32 inches, then a medium size belt, or one measuring 34-36 inches will be the best choice. A belt should neither be too small nor too too big. Excess strap from a belt that is too long or too big can be a problem and can make a person look bulky. A belt that is too tight can look unsightly and will be very uncomfortable to wear.
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Belt width is also a very important consideration when choosing the best belt. Belt loops come in different sizes based on different types of pants or trousers so it is important to have a belt for each type or style. Ideally, the belt should rest gently and flat against the loop edges. It should neither look squeezed into the belt loops as it is too wide and it should never look inappropriate since it is not wide enough. One should own men’s belt in different widths in order to avoid this problem with belt width. Material is important Normally, leather is used to make men’s belts although some are made of synthetic or man-made leather. When choosing a belt to buy, select one that is made of high grade leather. A leather belt is indeed more costly but it lasts longer than synthetic ones because leather is very durable. There are belts made from other materials such as pleather or some kinds of fabric. It is alright to use canvas belts with casual pants and jeans but dress pants or slacks will look better with leather belts.