Imagine arriving at your honeymoon destination only to have your credit card declined for insufficient funds. Not a pleasant thought, but that’s exactly what could happen if you get so caught up in planning your big day that you forget to protect your personal information! Here are some tips to keep your identity and personal information safe from dishonest people:

Keep it close. When you’re trying on clothes, having alterations done, or browsing through designs and patterns, stay aware of where you put your purse or wallet. Don’t be embarrassed to insist you keep it within reach at all times.

Don’t be trustful. If you’re having a group of guests or contractors in your home in order to plan your big day don’t assume they’re honest. Lock your private rooms and place your valuables in a safe place so you won’t have to worry about it.

Stay alert. When you’re celebrating it’s best to have your personal items locked in a safe place, whether it’s in your car or a lockbox at the venue. Don’t expect a friend to keep an eye on your bag or wallet all night long.

Remember online safety. You’ll be searching a lot of sites and possibly giving your personal information out on many of them, so make sure your computer security is up to date and the sites you use have security protection before you buy.

Watch for strangers. Thieves often choose distracted people to steal from, and newlyweds are notoriously distracted. Make sure there isn’t someone looking over your shoulder when you’re purchasing items with your credit card.

Don’t party too hard. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are by tradition a time to get carefree, but don’t get so inebriated that you become a target for pickpockets. Have a designated driver, and trust them with your valuables if you feel you’re getting a bit too happy.

Use your common sense. While your big day only comes once, it doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind. Stay alert, and you’ll have much more time and money to celebrate!