Are you someone who loves to go out to events and attends parties with up to the mark fashion style? Do you like to be the diva of every event and like to slay every look you try on? Then, without a question, the profession of personal stylists was created to cater to you and people who fall in the same category!You can hire someone who can transform your look and is perfect to style you for every party you attend!

How to look exceptional in every situation?

The answer is simple – a personal stylist is a single person who can guide you every step of the way while you are looking for your look. Be it make up, hair do, wardrobe, accessories, shoes, jewelry, or anything about your look –  your personal stylist will do it all for you! He is the person who knows everything about fashion and will help you get the best look from the Lakme Fashion Week or the MTV VMAs.

The industry of fashion is brimming with wannabes who want to leave a mark in the profession. This happens because of the three reasons, mainly:

  • The fashion industry is overrated.
  • People think it is an easy way to become famous.
  • There are many phony people in the market who claim to turn others into stars overnight.

Hence, many people step into this field without even thinking if they fit to do job.

So, before hiring a personal shopping assistant, make sure to check if the fashion applicant has the following qualities.

6 Must Have qualities of your personal stylist

  • Communication Skills

A stylist should be able to communicate his fashion vision to the client in a way that is understandable and acceptable. A stylist must interact with many people in order to do his job right and hiring an overly introverted person won’t work.

  • Good taste in clothes

Your personal designer needs to have a good taste in clothes. Since this is literally his job, impeccable taste is not negotiable. You may not always like things that he offers, but keep in mind that he is aware of the latest fashion trends and you are not. He also chooses clothes that compliment your skin tone, eyes, figure and reflect your personality. Experienced stylist also keeps in mind your allergies and preferences and tries to choose clothes accordingly.

Also, they will know the best online websites where you can find genuine and affordable products with the help of personal shopping assistant.

  • Great Networking

It is good if your personal stylist or your personal shopping assistant is into a good network of designers and shares a great rapport with others stylists. This way you can be sure that your stylist is open to ideas from other creative people in the field. This will also ensure that they will never go out of creative ideas. For someone who likes to communicate with people, it will be easy to learn new things and explore more.

Also, if your service provider is active on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, amongst others, you can expect from them that they are prone to the latest trends of the market.

  • Enthusiasm

Someone who is bored all the time and dull will not like to experiment much. That does not mean that you should look for someone who is overactive and always excited. You need to find someone who combines these qualities, a perfect stylist must be enthusiastic about changes but he shouldn’t be too active, sometimes it’s too much.  Since you are going to stay with this person for a lot of time during the working days, their characteristics will also impact you. If he is lazy, it will affect your work regime as well.

  • A certified professional

Why is it important to get a certified stylist to do the job? The reason is simple! This person is going to interact directly with your wardrobe and play with your looks. Do you want to be a walking fashion blunder or get a skin allergy due to a new untested product that your stylist wanted you to use? Certainly not!

A certified or qualified personal stylist will have knowledge about products he offers you, and their compositions. He or she will know how to use different combinations of colors which will make you look graceful and stylish. A trained service provider will give you the best advice in this case.

  • A positive enhancer

The personal stylist will give you the best tips to look better. However, they are also the people who know your weak points. Hence, this person should be the one you can consult and openly discuss your doubts and worries. It is important that this person is not judgmental of your looks or nature. This is important because your stylist will be your pal in a way.

Hence, someone who is empathetic, non-judgmental and knows how to make you positive when you are pessimistic about something will be the best to recruit.

How can you find the perfect on?

There are a plethora of personal stylists out there, but how do you choose one? Simple. The answer is It is an amazing website that connects service seekers and service providers. With the help of this site you can find dozens of certified and trusted service providers who will provide you with the best fashion insight. So, next time you need a qualified fashion advice use