Archery bows are old arches evolved through eons. Unlike old bows, the modern hunting bows are made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Some bows are designed with cutting-edge shooting mechanisms. Numerous advanced and modern bows are available, such as crossbows, compounds bows, long bows and recurve bows. These are useful for new archers and give them extraordinary hunting experience. These bows are designed for your target practice, but all recurve bows are not appropriate for hunting. You have to carefully choose a suitable hunting bow by evaluating the draw weight. It is not possible for everyone to handle draw weight necessary for hunting.

Recurve Bow

These were used by horsemen, but the modern versions of the bows are used in Olympic events. The name of these bows are related to their particular shape, such as the middle part of limbs curve to the archer and tip of the curve remain away from the haughtier. The configuration of a bow is really necessary to determine its power and strength. Recurve bows can be a good choice to teach archery. Beginners often choose barebowrecurve to start their training. The barebowrecurve contains an arrow rest, string, riser and bow limbs to balance the bow. Other important components are stabilizers, clickers, pressure buttons, and slights. These can increase the skills of an archery students.

Compounds Bows

These bows were introduced in the 1960s with a unique system of eccentric cams, pulleys, and cables to assist an archer in holding the hefty draw weight for full draw. This innovative system provides sufficient time to archers to aim their powerful bow without extra muscle fatigue. You should have sufficient strength to draw a bow initially. Compound bows get less effect of a change in humidity and temperature as compared to bows constructed with natural materials. It offers better accuracy, arrow velocity and distance. These bows are not good for beginners because of their complex nature.


These bows were initially used in battles as a dominant weapon in the middle of 16th century. These bows are simply good and have long and curved wooden piece as per the height of archer without sights or rests. Longbows are difficult to aim as compared to modern bows. Their velocity is different than recurve or compound bows. To use a longbow, you will need more patience and practice to master. The learning can be a challenge, but your experience will be full of joy.


These bows were originated in China to use in battles. Modern crossbows are quite similar to firearms and have short bow attached horizontally to the snout. These bows use a crank mechanism, and a string is appended to the trigger appliance. These bows have short firing range and heavy draw eight to perform similarly to recurve and compound bows. These bows are good to target archery.

If you want to use hunting bows, you should learn their use and choose the best bows to enhance your hunting experience.