Lately, a number of marketplace, companies and online stores are increasingly creative in increasing sales and attracting buyers. Such a ‘war’ discount to attract buyers’ attention. Another way to give gimmicks, prizes or other prime services that often make consumers confused choosing which products are the most efficient and appropriate. But there are ways to keep looking for products with affordable or cheap price during the ‘war’ discount. Here are 10 tips to save money online through social media:

Beware of Dynamic Price Traps

Dynamic pricing is a strategy that online merchants apply. They offer dynamic pricing to show different prices for different customers, according to your location, browsing and your shopping patterns as well as the current product demand.

Have you ever found a cheap flight charge, then 30% higher when you checked it out the next day? It is a dynamic pricing strategy. Now, this bidding technique has been already very sophisticated, some large retail companies or qualified marketplaces are aware of the price point and can show a higher price compared to others who pay less in online purchases.

Shop on Certain Days

Do not spend time checking prices at online retailers over the weekend. Although it seems the price is tempting, because that move can erode your finances quickly. Pay attention to this. Most online stores offer discounts and special offers on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Sunday is the best day to offer cheap flight tickets. Because, on that day there are discounts, washing warehouses, and sales transactions increased.

The fact is: Buy more stuff during workdays, weekends or early morning. In addition to supermarket conditions are not too crowded, supermarket managers often provide additional discounts. Although on the weekend there is also a promo or discount. Although there is a discount, you can still save by shopping at these times. For example, there are some supermarket managers who provide a 50% discount on weekends. However, on weekdays, discount has added 20%, so buyers get 50% discount plus 20%. You can also shop before the supermarket closes. Usually, there are products that are sold at a cheaper price with a discount of up to 80%, then the product is stale or the next day cannot be sold again.

Use Coupon Code

Take advantage of coupon codes from marketplace promos. Mention if you have a code promo for 20% discount or USD 50 shopping discount. Sign up for newsletters sent regularly and periodically from the marketplace and the online store. You can save hundreds of thousands. Be a shrewd buyer.

Ask for Discounts

When you get the info there are items you like have been given a very large discount (up to 90%), you definitely want to buy it. Unfortunately, you were busy. When you come to the supermarket about to buy the goods, it turns out goods with a discount of it was up. Even if there are similar items, the price is expensive. Of course you are disappointed. Quite sorry, right? Take it easy. You can see the supermarket manager who says you really like the item but want the price to be discounted up to 90%.
Normally, the supermarket manager will approve your request. But with two conditions. The first requirement, the new item can be sold to you a week later or towards the end of the month. The second condition, you are asked to buy in a certain amount. Why is that? Some managers issue policies to spend certain items up to a certain time. One of them with a big discount scheme. If you think their offer is still reasonable, you might consider. Easy is not it?

Use Coupon Extension

In the email, did you just find a coupon that ended two days ago? Do not fret! Call the hotline and ask if your coupon can be extended like you to make your order. Typically, a sales agent is interested in closing the deal and will provide a new promo code or extend an existing one. It may not work every time, especially with inexpensive items, but it is always worth trying.

Or, you can use the time for contacts in most reseller sites. Be polite and ask some questions about the product you want to buy. Then ask if there is some sort of discount they might have had. This is not a common fact, but online chat support can provide special promo codes that are not widely available.

Organize your Email

Signing up for newsletters, coupon sites, and promotional lists can save you big bucks. Although you are always reluctant to get spam in emails?

Try, this email app is worth adding as it is useful to you. This app lets you simply unsubscribe from junk email and protect your email inbox by sending one email verification after you’ve shortened subscription emails you follow. You just want to receive the email you want.

Hesitant when buying goods in a supermarket or marketplace subscription, is the price of goods too expensive compared to shopping elsewhere? Do not worry. Now, there are many scattered applications price comparisons in Indonesia. By using one or more of these applications, you can check the prices that are considered affordable or within your budget. Here are seven of your comparison apps. PriceArea, Indicator, PricePanda, Priceza, PricePrice, Pricebook.

Call it PriceArea. The first app price comparison has more than 20 product categories that can be checked by users. The main focus categories are mobile phones, computers, baby and child products, cameras, and electronics. How? No doubt about it. You can selectively buy the desired goods at affordable prices.
Put the Product on the Basket and Leave Some Time Utilizing Price Comparison App
Leave the product in your basket and it’s time to go for a day or two.

First: You’ve just avoided making hasty or emotional purchases.

Secondly: The way you are going to create curious online store management or marketplace, where you are registered as a member of the online shopper community or marketplace. That way, the manager will send you additional coupons or discounts. Because, a number of online stores, marketplaces or certain supermarkets conduct a survey to their customers.

Remember! This trick only works when you have an account on the merchant site’s site and you are logged in when you leave your cart.

Collect Multiple Coupons from Multiple Emails

Some stores like to send large coupons to selected groups of their customers. Coupons sent by email are listed in the newsletter or email marketing. This way you must register as a member through multiple emails. On a regular basis, an online store admin, marketplace, or supermarket will send a newsletter containing discounted product info or shopping coupons. You can collect some coupons and exchange them for items you care about.