8 Pro Tricks for Postcard Marketing Success Being the most affordable form of direct mail, postcard marketing has become very popular. It is also easy to create and the response rates are amazing. Success in postcard marketing does not just happen since some work has to be out to it. So, here are the 8 pro tips on postcard marketing. Focus your campaign on the right audience. Targeting a zip code that is full of senior citizens with postcards that are designed to market baby products isn’t the way to go. Therefore, you need to derive a list of the best prospects to mail to if your plan is to work as intended. Why should a recipient even read your postcard given that there are several others that require attention? Unless your information is packaged in an eye-catching way that includes photos, colors, and high-quality graphics, very few readers will spare more than a few seconds looking at your postcards.
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Do not focus too much on the features of your services and products that you forget to mention about the merits that ensue from their use. Never assume that the recipients know about using them because, the chances are that, they don’t. You need to elucidate how their lives will change once they use what you have on offer.
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People may ignore the messages on your postcards if they sound like ads. Instead, design the postcard to look like a message from someone close if you want it to bring out the best effects. Some of the best tactics that can achieve such effects include fonts that resemble handwriting, imperfect lines, and fake-stick notes. Precise messages on postcards are the most effective because recipients appreciate it when you respect their time. Just like you, they may not have a lot of time to spare to read lengthy marketing messages. As a result, you should include short, catchy phrases, a few images, your contact information, and what you want the recipients to do. A postcard marketing campaign is meant to convince the recipient to visit your website or physical store. As a result, do not turn the message into a sale since your primary motive is to make readers take further action. Remember that creating the wrong impression may lead to the loss of the prospect. Consistency in postcard marketing is a desirable trait because readers create familiarity and credibility in your brand when they see your postcards repeatedly. The results of your efforts may not be immediate but, over time, they will be meaningful. It is possible to encourage the recipients of your postcards if you make use of timely messages. Incentivize the offer with discounts and bonuses as such a step is known to encourage readers to take fast action. A good way to do is it to mention your offer clearly and quickly since not all recipients will read the entire postcard.