The year 2017 brings with it a whole load of experimentation with the new age styles, colours and is all about flaunting the all glam look. Fashion experts claim that 2017 is a year where individual personality will rule over the regular run of the mill styles. The biggest strength of individual style comes from the power of mix and match will be largely seen in the year 2017 as far as fashion styling goes. Here are some trends to be looked out for in the year 2017.

Pet styles: From quirky owls to cuddly cats, this year be prepared to see a lot of women flaunting some animal love on their favorite tees and dresses. Animal caricatures in bright colours and crafty techniques like the appliqués and embroideries flaunt the cute and chic side of the girls. Be prepared to see a lot of cuteness flowing around in the year 2017.

Asymmetrical cuts & Layers: Leave the regular behind and get ready to don the years latest fashion trend, asymmetrical cuts and some layers. The high-low kurtas and shirts are in vogue and exhibit a unique fashion in itself. The layers in natural and breathable fabrics add in a sense of glam as they also bring in some relief from the scorching heat. Asymmetrical jackets and tunics are fashion accessories for an instant transformation, a style that women truly swear by. Layers and asymmetrical cuts give out a fun and statement look that is far from the regular and the mundane.

Tassels and pom poms: One of the cutest and fun trends that is ruling the fashion year 2017 is how designers are playing around with the quirky hassles and pom poms. Available in suede, denims and colours; this is a trend that is an extension of the boho style adding an element of class and fun even to the plain outfits. Tops, dresses and skirts flaunting the tassel and pom styles will be the trend you would see a lot in the coming year.

T-shirt Dresses: T-shirts were one of the most comfortable styles of dressing that have been in vogue for a long time. This year, the t-shirts get transformed into the stylish and comfortable t-shirt dresses which are casual, sporty and definitely funky. College goers and the casual fashion flaunters swear by this trend and are going all out experimenting them with leggings and bare legs alike.

Rugged Denims: A style that was once seen a few years back, is now in town with a twist. 2017 sees a lot of rugged denims in washed out shades Patches, torn on the knees and thighs are some of the looks that are becoming easily popular among the college goers and the party hoppers. The rugged jeans are not only breezy and comfortable but can also be easily stylized with the right accessories and adding in some fun elements. The rugged denim joggers are also gaining popularity as they are easily available for various sizes and flaunt both style and modernity.

Pop Colours: Yellow being a favourite among the pop colours will rule the styling trend this year. Try various shades of yellow like the marigold, daffodils and the sunshine yellow, to feel the energy of the year coming through you. You can also experiment with a lot of earthy and natural shades that are certainly in this year like the rust orange, pine green and so on.

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