Tips to Help You Soften Your Leather Belt A real leather belt will in most cases need some softening up due to its toughness. Belts are a worthy investment as they do not come cheap making it imperative to provide proper care. There are a couple of ways to go about leather belt softening so as to ease the discomfort around the waist. Discussed here are easy solutions that will have your belt loosen up without resulting in any damage whatsoever. Rubbing alcohol on the belt is a surefire way of achieving this. There are many brands of isopropyl alcohol readily available at your local store. With the belt spread out flat on a hard surface, soak the rear part with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. In order to get a good result, utilize several cotton balls as they will make the alcohol sufficiently soak into the belt. Vaseline is another viable option because it can in the same way as alcohol be used to soften leather belts. There is however a slight difference in the sense that fingers replaces the use of cotton balls, and they should be used to spread out the Vaseline onto the belt. In addition to Vaseline turning the leather soft, making it loose comes as an extra bonus.
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Coconut oil too can help. If you prefer this technique, warming your belt first will go a long way in getting an excellent result. This in no way suggests that you should toss it in your microwave oven reason being leaving it in the sun for quarter an hour is more than enough. Use your fingers once again to ensure the coconut oil soaks into the leather, considering that the sun basking experience will have helped achieve the optimal temperature needed for this. Do not stop until adequate oiling has been achieved Even so, there is the risk of the leather belt becoming darker. This should be no cause for alarm if your belt has a dark color, but it’s not the best should you not want your belt becoming darker
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There are many commercial products the market has to offer to assist in softening of leather based items. They can be used to soften items such as wallets, belts, shoes, as well purses. Not only are they used in softening because they also help in water-proofing and strengthening of leather. Belts undoubtedly help make fashion statements. Even after getting a good leather belt, it is possible for it to feel very uncomfortable due to its hardness that presses against your waist region. If it’s the same with you, your problem has now come to an end. The aforementioned are ways that will help you out.